Our company was founded in 1981 by the dynamic businessman Nikos Oulis, with the first production of handmade pizza bases that were aimed at the requirements of the restaurants of Argolis, where our headquarters are to this day. Over time, the company never stopped evolving and expanding.

During its course, it was forced to temporarily move to two workshops in order to meet the increased needs of the market. In 2002 a big leap was made, as our company settled in a state-of-the-art privately owned building of 800 square meters and a plot of 6.5 acres. This change gave new impetus to the company allowing it to expand its product range which has now increased 10-fold.

Today, in the heart of Greece, we continue to dedicate ourselves to producing high quality products that meet the needs and our customers' standards. Our path is a constant evolution and challenge to offer the best in our market, always staying true to our original love for handmade and quality design.

Philosophy - ULIS


The philosophy of our company is to produce and offer high-quality products that the consumer demands, whether it is a family, a student or a worker.

With this approach, we do not just provide food. We offer an experience, a moment of taste and enjoyment that is unforgettable for the consumer. And this is exactly what drives us and makes us continue to look for the best way to take care of our customer, always guided by our love for high quality and authenticity at the heart of our action.

Production - ULIS

Our dedication is to create quality products, with a unique character! We bring the taste, quality and smell of homemade food to the family table every day. The production of our goods is done by experienced staff and during the production process, the latest technology machines are used in order to maximize production in order to meet the increased demand of our customers.

In the production process, we use only fresh materials and raw materials. We avoid the use of preservatives, powders and chemical flavors, offering an authentic culinary experience. Our products highlight the freshness and naturalness of their ingredients.

Proud of our roots, we support our place by using Greek cheeses, such as feta and myzithra from the regions of Messinia, Argolis and Laconia. In this way, we contribute to the promotion of the local economy and to the preservation of the tradition and quality of Greek products.

Customers - Exports - ULIS
Customers - Exports
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  • Mini Market
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes - Smart Cafe
  • Pastry shops
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  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Looking to the future, we have set as a goal for the next three years the growth and development of our company. We invest in the education and training of our staff, bringing about the introduction of new techniques and approaches to the way we work. This allows us to provide even more advanced and efficient services to our customers.

At the same time, by adding new codes to our portfolio, we expand our range of services, offering even more solutions and value for money products.


Finally, we aim to increase our sales network both in Greece and abroad.

In this way, we want to bring our solutions closer to as many customers as possible and we are expanding our presence in new markets. These goals reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and growth!

Sustainability - ULIS

We adapt to the urgent need to protect the environment and the growing demands of consumers for climate change awareness. In our company, we place more and more emphasis on sustainable packaging for our products.

We understand that the proper management of resources and the reduction of environmental impact are of critical importance. For this reason, we invest in technologies and materials that promote sustainability. Through the implementation of sustainable packaging, we contribute to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Furthermore, we ensure that the sustainable packaging we use does not sacrifice the quality and effectiveness of our products. Thus, we offer our customers a real choice that combines high efficiency with environmental sensitivity.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our company has installed photovoltaic panels in its facilities. This step aims to reduce electricity consumption and promote the use of renewable energy sources, actively contributing to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.